Naukati Bay, Alaska 
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Naukati Bay, Alaska is located on the West Coast of Prince of Wales Island nestled in the archipelago of islands of Sea Otter Sound, El Capitan Passage and lower Sumner Strait, a truly unique setting. 

   Naukati Bay is 70 miles Northwest of Ketchikan, Alaska and can be accessed by ferry or commuter plane. Ketchikan is 90 minutes from Seattle via Alaska Airlines.

   Naukati Bay is the center for World Class Saltwater Sportfishing, Record black bear and Sitka black tail
deer hunting, Breath taking scenery, Whale watching extraordinaire!, Sea kayaking and canoeing, Spelunking, Hiking, Stream fishing for trout and Big Steelhead trout.
Black Bear Spelunking Whale Watching
Steelhead on the Fly Things To Do King Salmon
224 # Halibut Coho/Silver Salmon Rockfish
Fossils Kayaking king salmon
Shrimp crab  flowers
deer orca sea lions
Naukati Bay moves forward with its new Marina and Load/Launch Ramp thanks to the State of Alaska DOT and the Denali Commission
Click here to view current plans
(864kb pdf)   
Plans include a drive down ramp which will be a long overdue asset to the community, local industry including our rapidly expanding oyster industry, residents and businesses of the greater Sea Otter Sound area       
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For information regarding Naukati Bay contact:

Naukati Bay Homeowners Association
NKI Box 1
Naukati, Alaska 99950

Candy Hempel, Association President (907) 629-4142     
Brandy Prefontain, Association Vice President (907) 629-4274

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